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Travel Accessories for Families

Packing cubes make traveling with families more organized. The Planet Wise packing cubes are machine washable with a water resistant fabric (PUL) on the inside. The see through mesh top makes it easy to see what items have been packed inside. Packing cubes are lightweight and can fold away when not in use. 

Packing cubes are also great for storing cloth diapers between babies, while traveling, during moves, and for organizing your diaper bag. The key to storing cloth diapers between babies is to keep them in a climate controlled room (avoid garages and attics) and to keep them well ventilated. Packing cubes do just that! A small packing cube will hold up to 6 one-size cloth diapers. A medium will hold up to 14 one-size cloth diapers, and the large will hold up to 26 one-size cloth diapers.