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The Cloth Diaper Comeback

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Once upon a time, parents of babies had two options in diapering their baby: Cloth or...cloth. Yep that's right. The same material that every other undergarment was made out of was also used on the bottom's of the littlest members of society. Quite a concept!
Then along came disposables. What a wonderful invention! A trim, paper product that didn't have to be cleaned, it could simply be thrown right into the garbage pail. I am sure parents all around the globe praised this wonderful advance to our society and the babies didn't complain either. Or did they? With this new and improved method of diapering came another new invention: Diaper creams to clear up the rashes caused by this great new invention. Now today we simply think of diaper rash as a part of everyday life. But it shouldn't be that way!

Disposable diapers are popular for two reasons: They are disposable and they are super-absorbent. But let's ask ourselves why we NEED a super-absorbent product on our baby's bottom! A dirty diaper is a dirty diaper, period. A super absorbent diaper is marketed to those who wish for their child to be able to carry around a full diaper on their bodies for the longest amount of time possible before a diaper change becomes absolutely necessary. This is a sad state of affairs!

Super absorbent diapers are that way because they contain chemicals that allow a great amount of moisture to be absorbed without baby "feeling" wet. If you cut into a disposable diaper, you will find a white powdery substance. This is called Sodium Polyacrelate. This is a substance that was banned in 1985 from use in tampons for its link to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Leave a diaper on a child long enough and you will see the "crystals" this substance forms when liquid is absorbed. Not a pretty sight. And not at all healthy for your little girl or boy. You don't wear paper underwear, so why should your baby?

Show Me the $$$

Picking up a pack of Huggies® doesn't seem like a big expense, does it? Did you know that one pack of diapers multiplied by the 2 1/2 years you child will be in diapers adds up to a whopping $3000.00. And that is just an average. This does not include the disposable training pants that are so popular today!

Make you take a step back?
Cloth diapers in comparison average about $300 for the time between birth and becoming potty trained.

By using disposable diapers, you are tossing $2700.00 of your hard earned money into the trash can.

This is a lot of money to be spending on something that is not considered the best for your baby...

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