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Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade Shop was created in 2007 by a mother of four who has a passion for encouraging women everywhere to take charge of their time of the month by ridding their menstrual products of harmful chemicals and uncomfortable materials; while keeping unnecessary garbage out of the landfills.

Reusable menstrual pads (sometimes referred to as mama cloth) can be used for everyday freshness, incontinence, as a backup to your menstrual cup (ex. Diva Cup or Lunette Cup), post partum, or for regular menstrual flow.  Pink Lemonade pads are also available in small panty liners for tweens and teens.  The soft minky and organic bamboo velour fabrics create a softness that you'll appreciate during your time of the month. 

Menstrual pads are machine washable. You should avoid using bleach, vinegar, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, irons, and the "sanitary" cycle on your washing machine. 

All Pink Lemonade Pads are made in the USA.  
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