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THE FUSS STOPS HERE. Welcome to Fridababy, home of the fan favorite original Swedish SnotSucker, the NoseFrida. Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do come with a whole slew of challenges and surprises from the everyday to the serious. Fret not! With the right tools from Fridababy, you’re armed and ready to tackle just about anything new parenthood throws your way. OUR TRICKS, YOUR TOOLS. With a focus on innovation, the Fridababy family of fussbusters has grown, and we now provide parents with the tools to simply and efficiently care for their bitty and big bundles of joy. Putting a unique millennial touch on some age old practices (goodbye bulb syringe!), we are committed to empowering parents to safely and easily tackle these common issues at home – one stuffy nose or gassy tummy at a time! Make sure your toolkit is stocked and ready!
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