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Are you considering using cloth diapers with your baby? Not sure where to start or what to buy? Confused by all the different styles and brands? 

The Kelly's Closet Cloth Diaper Ebook is an 18 page downloadable PDF that answers all of the frequently asked questions that families have about cloth diapering. 

Topics included in the Cloth Diaper Ebook: 

  • Benefits of cloth diapering
  • Basic styles of cloth diapers
  • How to wash cloth diapers
  • Diapering at different ages

The Cloth Diaper Ebook also includes a section on troubleshooting for once you get started and face any problems along the way! 

Troubleshooting tips included in the Ebook: 

  • Hard water
  • Stripping cloth diapers
  • Leaks

The Cloth Diaper 101 Ebook has several places where you can take notes while reading. These notes will help you narrow down the best cloth diapers for your family. 

Each ebook is easy to download in PDF format and can be read electronically or printed from home on standard size copy paper. 

Get started using cloth diapers today with the Kelly's Closet Cloth Diaper 101 Ebook & Worksheet